Application Requirements

  • Completion of online application
  • Submission of supplemental documentation
    • Academic transcripts 
    • Curriculum Vitae
    • 500-word letter of intent describing why you wish to complete a postgraduate fellowship program in desired specialty program (critical care, neurology, etc.)
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation emailed directly from letter composer/writer: 
      • (1) former preceptor or APP
      • (1) academic instructor, advisor, or mentor
      • (1) at applicant's discretion

E-mail all supporting documents to

Salary and Benefits:  Competitive salary with full benefits provided at time of employment.

Questions?  E-mail  us at: or contact us via the form below.

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Application Cycle: Critical Care

  • Program:  12 months (~Late August to early September start date)
    • Hospital orientation / onboarding ~1-2 weeks prior
  • Application Cycle Opens:  Summer-Fall
  • Application Cycle Closes:  February
  • Interview notification:  Late February
  • Interview process: Interview dates vary, but are generally held each year in early March.

Specific deadlines/dates can be found at the bottom of the job application HERE!

Application Cycle: Outpatient Neurology

  • Program:  12 months (~April start date)
    • Hospital orientation / Onboarding ~1-2 weeks prior
  • Application Cycle Open:  Closed
  • Application Cycle Closes:  End of October
  • Interview notification:  Mid-November
  • Interview process: Interviews are held early to mid December

Specific deadlines/dates can be found at the bottom of the job application once it is posted.